Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blatant Advertising

Some readers of The Computer Consulting Kit's recent post on the "Working Conditions Thread" may see it as blatant advertising for their meta-consulting service (consulting about consulting). Those readers are right.

Some readers may see blatant advertising of consulting services as somehow distasteful or immoral. Those readers are wrong.

CC Kit's services seem heavily focused on marketing yourself as a consultant. They are right on target. Most consultants who fail, fail because of inadequate marketing. They somehow feel that clients should just seek them out as if by magic.

Warning: Blatant Advertising Ahead: Those consultants who feel that way should (buy and) read my book, The Secrets of Consulting. Then they should probably take a look at the CC Kit website, and any other marketing advice they can find.

But only if they want their consulting business to be successful.

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Danny R. Faught said...

I signed up for the Computer Consulting Kit's mailing list, and found all of my interactions with them distasteful. Their marketing for their own product is so over the top, I no longer have any confidence that they could have good advice for my own marketing. Daily emails full of hype, and I had a hard time finding any information about how much their product costs. Count me out.