Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Stringers: A free version

Book View Café offers you a chance to buy this exciting science fiction novel from Jerry Weinberg, absolutely free.

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Gerald M. Weinberg

First Stringers

In the near future, a group of handicapped twenty-one-year-olds with the
ability to control the string structure of the universe, find each
other and form an alliance against the people and organizations who
would hunt them down and use their powers to conquer the world. As
they discover one another they must strive to master their abilities,
overcome their conflicts, face their personal fears and discover their
deepest values in order to become more fully human.

First StrFirst Stringers


Book View Cafe is pleased to present First Stringers in free serial form.

First Stringers is also available in trade paperback and as an ebook.


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