Monday, February 28, 2011

It's the publishing wave of the future

Pay attention to Mr. Lankford!

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Waiting for a Fair E-book Split - David to Goliath: Keep the Advance

By Terrill Lee Lankford
During a recent conversation about the new book, the editor once again mentioned that he also wanted to release an e-book version of my first novel, Shooters. I reminded him that I didn't want to do that until we were solidly in business together on the new work. After the call, I started thinking about the e-book aspect of the deal again, which we hadn't discussed in many months. At that time he had said e-book rights would be "highly negotiable." But I knew things had been changing rapidly on that front so I sent him an e-mail asking, "What is the current split for e-books?" His response: "The split for e-books is 75% publisher, 25% author." Me: "Do you have that backwards?" E-silence. I sent another note: "I'm serious: was this a typo? Does the publisher actually take 75%?" Him: "Yes. The publisher takes 75%." Me: "This amazes me. No amount of ‘platforming' can justify this. If that's the rate they expect me to accept, I'm going to have to pass. On both projects."

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