Thursday, June 21, 2012

Experiential Learning vol 2: Inventing

Regular readers of this blog have probably noticed a reduction in my posting frequency in recent weeks. Perhaps you'll all forgive me when I tell you I've been distracted from blogging by finishing volume 2 of my Experiential Learning series, called Inventing or Invention, I can never remember which. Anyway, it says "invention" on the cover, and can be found here.

Anyway, it's about the part of experiential learning that comes after the experience--the part where we invent the learnings we've found during the experience. It's what converts an ordinary experience into a learning experience. If you're teaching experientially, you'll want to learn how to facilitate invention--but that's not all. The book is full of techniques I personally use to extract learnings from all my experiences, whether in a class or in life.

As we say in life-learning, "First you pay the tuition, then the learning is optional." If you want to take advantage of the learning you've paid for with your life, Experiential Learning: Volume 2, Invention is the book for you.

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