Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Significant Change in Five Minutes

Some people seem so eager to improve their situation that they're in a big hurry to be told:

What can I learn in 5 minutes that can change my life?

If I thought they were able to learn from people telling them things, I would tell them this:

Stop trying for instant, effortless changes in your life.

But, most people probably won't learn this from me telling them. Instead, they will probably have to have some experience that could change their life.

From my telling, they might learn about something, but not really learn, in the sense of putting something new into action. Learning about something is not the same as learning to do something.

Generally, only experiences can really teach people things that would change their lives.

For instance, they might be in an auto accident that would leave them blind, or quadriplegic.

Or, perhaps they would come home one day to discover that their spouse has left them for someone else.

Or, maybe they would be fired from a job they thought was totally secure.

Or, they could win $100,000,000 in the lottery.

Such learnings would change someone's life in five minutes, though they would be followed by many more changes—call them aftershocks.

If that is what they're looking for, they don't need accidents or surprises. They could arrange a life-changing experience for themselves. Parachute out of an airplane. Compete in a triathlon. Volunteer for a month in a soup kitchen or a veterinary hospital.

I suspect, though, that people who ask for five-minute changes are looking for some other kind of change—no pain, no effort, but just something positive and perhaps wonderful, like eating strawberry ice cream instead of vanilla. Well, if that's their desire, they can forget it. It's not going to happen.

I hope you've learned that lesson in the five minutes it took to read this note—but you probably didn't.

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