Friday, October 01, 2010

Rumors of My Quitting Are Grossly Exaggerated

InfoQ's website ran an essay that said:

"Now he doesn't do that much in software anymore, he writes science fiction [and] he runs his AYE Conference, which is a human potential kind of conference."

I tried to reply, but their reply function crashed on me, so I'm putting my response here, to clear things up:

Gee fellas and gals,
Well, I was slowed down for a year while beating "incurable" cancer. bit how many of the rest of you have published even one book on software in the past two years? (I've done several.)

If that isn't "much," then how about my Problem-Solving Leadership Workshop (PSL), or my keynotes at software conferences? And AYE is principally for software folks, just like your website. Isn't your website "doing much"? (I think it is.

And, then there's consulting. Don't my clients think they're doing software?

Maybe my novels are confusing you (and others). They're entertaining stories, to be sure (at least I think so, but see for yourself). But they are full of s/w lessons--just another one of the ways I'm trying to get these lessons across. You know as well as I how hard that is. So, after 50 years, I decided to try something new--in ADDITION to my other activities--books, essays, blogs, workshops, conferences, consulting--AND responding to other people's blogs, like right now.

Thanks for listening. - Jerry Weinberg

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Don said...

Ta-da! (You told them!)

I'm impressed. I feel like a slacker... but then... we each are called to do what we do... and balance the rest.

Happy Thursday!

Shiva Mathivanan said...

You simply rock. I love your software testing quotes and book on General systems thinking. I now started to pray hard to beat the cancer. Long live Jerry Weinberg.

Best Regards,
Shiva Mathivanan