Friday, December 24, 2010

n Gratitude of Gratefulness

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In Gratitude of Gratefulness

Posted by: Tommy Angelo on December 24th, 2010

“Finish your food! Think of the starving children in China!”

That was a typical thing for parents like mine to say to kids like me as I poked at the mucoid vegetables on my plate.

“Think of the starving children in China.”

That saying failed utterly at its purpose. All it did was make me resent the alleged starving Chinese children as much as I resented being forced to eat snot. And the resentment was just getting warmed up. For the next few decades, when someone said something about how I should be grateful or thankful or whatever, I resented them for even suggesting such a thing. First, I always had lots of problems: work problems, money problems, car problems, friend problems, lover (or lack of lover) problems, etc. I kept track of and organized my problems. You want me to be thankful? Have you seen my list of problems lately?


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Don said...


I followed all the links that got me a full read on this post. I can see why you linked/reposted it. More things are accrued over time than most people imagine, including a sense of gratitude. The author captured in words a very complex and rarely understood process. Kudos.


PS: Happy Holidays!