Monday, January 23, 2012

A Christmas Present for My Readers: A Free Story

This year I created a Christmas present for all my faithful readers. It's about one of the characters in my series of novels, The Stringers–Ember, a blind girl with extraordinary powers. The story is titled "The Blind Warrior," and it's free.

I wanted to put the story free on, but Amazon took a long time to make it a free story. They finally did, but now it's too late for Christmas, so I'm doing it anyway. To obtain your copy of The Blind Warrior, go to You will find the story at this address:

Or, on Kindle, it's at

And it's even on Barnes and Noble, for you Nooknicks:

It's free of all charges, and you can download the story in any format you need  (Smashwords has 'em all, or in more than one format). You can read the story on your computer, or you can transfer it to any other device.

Of course I have an ulterior motive. I hope you will like the story so much that you will want to read more about Ember and her Stringer friends. Or maybe you'll write a one-or-two sentence review.

Find all my books through, including the Stringer Series, so far.


Matt_Middleton said...

Do you practice Aikido? If so, I'd be curious to know if/what it has taught you about software testing. I keep getting this feeling that there's a really interesting connection between the two, but I'm having trouble putting the ideas down in words.

Gerald M. Weinberg said...

Matt, I practiced Aikido for more than 30 years, though I am now retired from the mat. There are many connections between Aikido and s/w testing, as well as many connections between Aikido and life.

Thanks for the suggestion. One of these days, I'll write a piece about the connections I see. For now, just one critical idea. Aikido means, roughly, the harmonizing of energies. Some would say, going with the flow. In any case, Aikido is in that way like the idea of exploratory testing.

Programmer@heart said...

Hey Christmas is over!! Checked the link and its now priced at 0.99. My fault I guess, came on this blog a little late.

Aikido :: S/w Testing seems interesting. Would really love to find out more...

Thanks for the great insights on this blog!!