Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tiips on writing your first book

I was asked, "What tips can you give to someone who wants to write his first book?"

Don’t worry about it, because the first book is just practice.

Maybe the first few books.

So stop worrying and write your practice book.

If your first book happens to be a success, that’s gravy. You can control whether you win or lose, but you can control whether or not you learn.

Get the book out there and gather feedback. Then use that feedback to improve your writing for the next book Repeat this process a few times and you’ll become a successful writer.

Do you recognize this iterative development process? You should, because writing a successful book is very much like writing a successful program.

In the meantime, if you'd like some help getting that first book finished, read

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RichardHowells said...

Hi Jerry,

We've never met, but I have enjoyed reading some of your columns and books over the years. I have a copy of "Humanized Input" signed by Tom Gilb when I saw him in London, Jan 2010.

Anyhow enough of that...

I'm guessing here; but I suspect; for "You can control whether you win or lose,..." read "You can't control whether you win or lose,..."

Best wishes.