Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Writing without the letter "A"

We were tested to see if we could write blog entries without the letter "A"

Of course we could write them. We could write lots of them. Indeed, I use this exercise in my writing courses, not just with the letter mentioned, but with every letter in English. Try it. Your writing will improve.

By the bye, some people wrote whole books without the letter E.
Weinberg on Writing
Try this test. Choose some letter, some difficult letter. Post some whole blog comment without using your letter.

If you would like to improve your writing, try

Oh, look. I unconsciously wrote the book title without the forbidden letter. It must be some terrific book. Multi-published reviewers think so:

"Don't write your book–build it with Weinberg's Fieldstone Method." - D. Poynter, writer of The Self-Publishing Manual 
"It's changed how I intend to write my next book." - P. D., children's writer
"Buy this book. Work through the exercises…" J.R., techie writer

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